Without Utterance: Tales from the Other Side of LanguageRuth Codier Resch

The catastrophe of losing language is told by a lover of
observation willing to dig deep into essential memories of
self, the tender, sometimes horrifying present, and visions
of the past. Without Utterance: Tales from the Other Side
of Language
tells the story of a reluctant hero, told
intimately in the first person, a personal human story of
moving through chaos to find a transformed life.

To speak at all was to locate the fewest words to express
anything. I wanted to keep this spare language to convey
the unimaginable. This is story for anyone who loves a
journey, a tale to incite the imagination to attain the
unthinkable. It is for those who have calamitous chaotic
events and illnesses in their lives who want to see
affirmation that life is, in fact, possible

Ruth by R Marc

The inner experience of losing language in a world where every thing is language and how the author finds non-word languages to both support her verbal recovery and vastly enrich her life. This is a story for everyone!



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